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An Interactive Library of Resources from World Renowned Experts in the Field of Neuroscience and Education focusing on Brain Training Research.

  • Learn from the experts how neuroscience and cognitive research is affecting classroom instruction.
  • Learn about executive function and how it affects learning
  • Find the latest research on neuroplasticity and how it impacts learning disabilities, such as Autism & ADHD

Cognitive Brain Training

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Case Studies

Case studies show the use of neuroscience in today’s classroom.


Access to a video library of lectures on how neuroscience is affecting students learning.

Resource Links

Links to the latest research in neuroscience and studies that effect how children learn.

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Yale University

University of Columbia

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Senior research scientist at Yale School of Medicine

Free Cognitive Research for Educators

This research library is free for educators to provide reliable resources that will help understand how neuroscience and cognitive research can give you the tools needed to improve student achievement and behavior. Advancements in the field of neuroscience have exciting implications for 21st century students. Many problems seen in the classroom today such as lack of attention or memory can be traced back to core cognitive deficits. Thanks to ground-breaking research from Yale, the NIH and other world renowned institutions these cognitive deficits are now easier to identify and treat than ever before. To access these cognition and brain training resources, please fill out the form above.

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